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We Do Usability Testing 
Our usability research answers the hard questions you have about customers and designs. We help you solve problems, we save you time, and we make life easy for your customers.  Learn more... 

We Provide Usability Training
When managers, designers and developers understand usability and user-centered design, they produce better designs. Do your own usability and avoid high priced consultants.  Learn more...
We Help You Improve Designs 
Need advice? Need to improve? Need to make it easier? Our team of experts understands project management, requirements, and design. Get help on your project, and improve usability.  Learn more...

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 Contact John S. Rhodes
 (607) 768-5564 (voice)
 (806) 993-5407 (fax)
  71 Orchard Ave.
  Johnson City, NY 13790
  United States

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The Oristus team has been doing usability research, design, and development since 1998. Our work has been used by IBM, US West, Cabelas, Women.com, Binghamton University, Universal Instruments, and more. We also have deep experience in project management, requirements engineering, human factors, mechanical design, and graphic design. We want you and your customers to succeed because that is how we measure our success
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